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    Ava Diaz

    Group dynamics is the systemic process of behavioral and psychological happening among the social group members. The group dynamics is beneficial in process regarding decision making, tracing the malignant disease in society and moreover assist in developing the effective treatment techniques. As an editor from low cost essay writing the group dynamics assist in understating the factors regarding racism, sexism, and discrimination is various aspects. Many models support the group dynamic like as Tuckman, Belbin theory. The analysis goes just as below:

    Forming: The member are gather at this stage. For the team to move further, the team should get involve in respective of task which later be given but for it the preparation of giving high level performance the member of team is together. The team member who leads the team, the other member of the team is assured and feel good to work under his supervision. The benefit of forming team is the same mental level and the capable individuals are in one group for the hope of effective work accomplishment for the progression of the organization (Forsyth, 2018).

    Storming: At this stage, the members are shared their knowledge and share their general views which enhance the interaction with the group members in the group. Moreover, the aim of generating the team, the team leader make the other members understand and the priorities. The views should be listened and implemented in the group accordingly. Besides, the sharing of knowing, views, skills also assist in the interest determination by the team leader.

    Norming: The individual performance are assigned with the task to accomplish the main objective which purpose to develop this team. The common commitment are to get in by the team leaders from every member of the group and moreover the roles are clarified individually.

    Performing: The members is efficiently and with devotion working for the task in aim of successful attainment of the objective. In term of analysis, the outstanding performer will also noticed by the team leader which is think that the beneficial for the organization. The main advantage of working in group through helping others can increase the knowledge and skills of each other.

    Closing and Celebration: At this stage, every member are cleared about the attainment of goal. The group working also highlight the high skilled and outstanding performance person which can be awarded by the perks. The celebration is also managed in term of dining out or many others which in other words increase the motivation of other employees.

    Kate Berry

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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